Welcome. I’m Sarah. As a third-generation plantswoman, with degrees in Horticulture and Landscape Design, I established Thrive Landscape Design in 2003.

My mission is to help you create a garden that is a reflection of you, a garden in which you will delight.

By respecting the inherent qualities of a site, addressing the challenges present, and allowing project constraints to inspire creativity and curiosity to drive ideas. I feel such deep satisfaction from working with nature; to harness the power of collaboration in which everyone -client, architects, builders, artisans, are working together to achieve the very best result.

My grandmother Phyllis is a 101-yr old plantswoman. Her farm life is the kind books are written about and through her letters, she shares with me her daily experience of beauty in nature. She has taught me how to: divide & propagate plants, root the best cuttings, collect seed from wildflowers, select the perfect walking stick, hunt for mushrooms, appreciate the seeds of the milkweed pod, look for toads, pick wild plums, count the monarch butterflies…that if we only had more thyme (which always makes her smile)…we have the same hands, the same green thumb…